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In an article on the EOS Worldwide website by fellow EOS implementer Mike Paton, he shares the three camps of leaders and teams by taking lessons from hockey legend Wayne Gretzkey. In “Perfect is the Enemy of Done” Mike says Gretzkey’s style of play encourages us to “Ready, fire, aim,” to stay ahead of the competition.

Indeed, there’s nothing that can slow a leadership team down more than the desire to create the perfect solution to a business problem. The perfect strategy. The perfect marketing plan.

Scores of companies have missed golden opportunities to launch new products, build capacity, expand territories or steal market share to that elusive search for “perfect.” In my experience as a CEO, perfect is frequently unobtainable and can quickly send you down a path that can distract your leadership team from your business goals. Perfect is not a goal.

When approaching a task or business goal, think “Ready, aim, fire.” Not “Ready, ready, ready, ready…” This common affliction is also referred to as “Analysis, paralysis.”

What’s the answer? Work on the 20 percent that’ll give you 80 percent clarity. You’ll rarely achieve 100 percent clarity. The cost of the next 20 percent is often missed opportunities. Your search for perfect slows down decision making.

Read “Perfect is the Enemy of Done, and remember…

Be flexible, keep firing and move forward.


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