The Level 10 Meeting

The EOS Level 10 Meeting: How to Run an Effective Meeting

The Level 10 Meeting™ is a critical and effective tool in the Entrepreneurial Operating System® toolbox. When entrepreneurs were asked to rate their meetings on a scale of 1–10, most rated their meetings at a paltry 4. Implement the EOS meeting system and you’ll be rating your meeting effectiveness a 10. By organizing Level 10 meetings, you’ll avoid “trainwrecks” and having the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing.

The Level 10 Meeting system teaches you five rules to organize your meetings upon:

  • Always meet on the same day
  • Always start at the same time
  • Always start on time
  • Always use the same agenda
  • Always end on time

Learn more about the psychology, philosophy and flow of Level 10 meetings by viewing the video below. Download a Level 10 Meeting form on the EOS Worldwide website.

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