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President Asher Kazmann of Locke Solutions attributes EOS, Kurt Schneiber with setting the foundation for future growth.

Locke Solutions is a precast manufacturing company based in Houston, Texas. The firm’s president and founder, Asher Kazmann, asked Kurt if the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) could help them manage their explosive growth.

Asher said he needed a business system that gave Locke more structure, consistency, and predictability. Following an introductory 90-minute meeting, Asher believed that Kurt and the EOS tools could help him build a foundation on which to continually improve financials and operations.

In spite of 2020’s global pandemic, Locke Solutions came through it with much better cash flow and less debt. Asher attributes the progress to Kurt’s experienced business advice, empowering his people, and the discipline of EOS.


Learn the details in Asher’s video testimonial below: