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Millis Development & Construction, Inc.

Millis Development & Construction is a family owned business with expertise in a wide variety of residential, recreational centers and commercial projects – from custom dream homes to innovative restaurants and churches, to recreational facilities.


Chad Millis, CEO

What impact has implementing EOS had on your business and you as a leader?

My favorite part is the forced communication. Before, we often avoided discussions and we used “not having enough time” as an excuse.

What have you learned by implementing EOS as your business system?

I have learned a lot about the power of accountability. A simple scorecard weekly motivates employees more than anything else we have ever done.

What problems have you solved by implementing EOS?

We’ve solved problems throughout the company. Now when problems do come up we solve them immediately.

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My favorite part of EOS is the “forced communication.” Before, we often avoided discussions.

Chad Millis

CEO, Millis Development & Construction.

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