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PlantgistixPlantgistix | Clear Horizon Leadership is the premier provider of in-plant services, off-plant and specialty services, including production, warehouse, maintenance and customer service staffing, product sampling, product cleaning and optical sorting. 

Marc Levine, CEO

What impact has implementing EOS had on your business and you as a leader?

For our business, engineers, managers and other leaders are noticeably more engaged in the company and their jobs. Accountability and buy-in has increased along with teamwork and fun. And meetings are more concise, comprehensive and far more effective.

For me, EOS has helped with delegation. My direct reports hold themselves and their direct reports more accountable, which takes a significant burden off my shoulders. EOS’s systems, processes and methodology enable me to focus on the 50,000-foot perspective. As long as EOS remains alive and well within our companies, I will continue to sleep better at night, which began shortly after we started this wonderful program.

What have you learned by implementing EOS as your business system?

As a CEO, I no longer need to be in the weeds. My job is once again exciting, fun, fruitful and fulfilling – it’s been far too long!

What surprised you during the process?

How basically fundamental and simple it is in that EOS effectively enables and greatly improves the process of running a business by breaking out the significant component parts and re-arranges what was a puzzle into a well-oiled system that helps us to get closer to being a world-class organization.

EOS identifies departments and the functions that must be performed to make the overall “machine” work and hum. It shows us how to identify and fill the right slots with the right people throughout the company. It helps us identify long-term goals (strategy) of our companies and breaks out short and intermediate goals that need to be met on a schedule. And, finally, EOS provides an effective methodology to manage and control the processes of meeting all the goals.

What problems have you solved by implementing EOS?

  • It helped us identify the wrong people and then placing the right people in the right slots (from top to bottom)
  • It reinvigorated esprit de corps, especially at top 3 levels
  • Behaviors and actions have caused profitability to improve markedly
  • Teamwork and team-engagement is at an all-time high

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As a CEO, I no longer need to be in the weeds. My job is once again exciting, fun, fruitful and fulfilling. It’s been far too long!

Marc Levine

CEO, Plantgistix

Plantgistix| Clear Horizon Leadership