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Straight Line Construction

Straight Line Construction | Clear Horizon LeadershipStraight Line Construction is a growing exterior remodel contractor building roofing, siding, decks, and windows and doors in residential buildings. Our driving cause is to improve lives by creating raving fans.



Jack Borba, President

What impact has implementing EOS had on your business and you as a leader?

  • Simplified business concepts for all employees-making them easy to follow and repeat.
  • Aligned our long-term goals with our short-term actions so that the entire company is working toward our long-term goals.
  • As a result of these improvements we’ve experienced 38 percent business growth and net profit is up 150 percent.

What have you learned by implementing EOS as your business system?

  • It’s a simplified process for having the right people in the right seats.
  • The importance of the different organizational roles and how each contributes to the whole.
  • If you adopt a simple structured management system and focus short-term goals you can achieve amazing results.

What surprised you during the process?

  • The value of the department meetings and how much can be accomplished at the department level.
  • How beneficial it has been to employ constant and consistent use of values in every conversation; the use of our values as a compass in decision-making.
  • The People Analyzer EOS tool has worked so well for identifying the right people for the right seats

What problems have you solved by implementing EOS?

  • We no longer talk about the same issues at every meeting.
  • The issues are pushed to their correct departments instead of being top-management issues.
  • Accountability is improving so that people who are responsible are more empowered to resolve issues.

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As a result of EOS we’ve experienced 38 percent business growth and net profit is up 150 percent.

Jack Borba

President, Straight Line Construction

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